CCDO | Response to COVID-19


CCDO | Response to COVID-19

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Texel Foundation allocated a percentage of this year’s donations to 9 emergency grants, the ninth of which is detailed below:


In Cambodia, many of the public were unclear on the symptoms and prevention methods of COVID-19. Cambodia is particularly vulnerable to the virus due to its lack of resources, education & medical staff. CCDO implemented an awareness-raising campaign in a targeted rural area. They worked with Angkor University medical students to reduce public fear and increase knowledge about the virus. They attached loudspeakers to 2 tuk-tuks, which were driven round rural areas, broadcasting best practice advice. They have also donated soap, informative leaflets and masks to 100,000 villagers.

During lockdown, all hotel industries, restaurants and schools were closed and many remain so. Of the 1 million population in Siem Reap province, approximately 80% lost their income as a result.

As rice planting season approaches, CCDO are now offering micro loans of $60 worth of rice seed per farmer. Repayment takes the form of 125kg of rice plus $10 in cash. The loan repayment will fund and provide rice for CCDO’s school breakfast programme for more than 1,000 children, 6 days a week (socially-distanced), which the farmers’ children benefit from.