2020 Texel Foundation Report


2020 Texel Foundation Report

“This year has presented unimaginable challenges for us all.  There have been devastating and heart-wrenching impacts but also astounding examples of community, innovation and joy.

 At Texel Foundation we’ve navigated this uncharted territory by listening to our trusted charity partners and doing our very best to support them as they address both immediate needs and longer terms scars.

 We’re truly inspired by the incredible tenacity and compassion demonstrated by our partners this year and it has motivated us to feel optimistic about what we can collectively achieve in the coming year.”

Katy Beechey Programme Director, Texel Foundation


 In the following podcast interview, Katy talks about how Covid-19 has impacted Texel Foundation’s giving in 2020, lessons learned, the meaningful impact our donations have had and why we’re optimistic for the future. Listen to the podcast here.