CARA | Response to COVID-19


CARA | Response to COVID-19

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Texel Foundation allocated a percentage of this year’s donations to 9 emergency grants, the eighth of which is detailed below:


Facing death, injury, persecution or prison, many academics around the world are forced to flee their homes. CARA’s fellowship programme supports 300 fellows (and their families) to study, work or continue their research at a partner university in the UK, on regular visas with no access to state benefits.

Around 100 existing CARA fellows now face uncertainty about whether they can continue to study / research. Delays mean increased living costs of tens of thousands of pounds. 70 new applicants are finding it hard to escape dangerous scenarios at home due to travel restrictions. Some who have escaped, are now stranded en-route with no means of support.

Fellows undertaking postdoctoral research have two year, non-extendable visas. Many of them have lost valuable laboratory time and may not complete their research. It is hoped that the Home Office will allow extensions for these scenarios, but this would also result in huge increased living expenses. The key question is whether universities, now anxious about their own finances, can cover the extra costs or would they look to CARA to fund this.