COVID-19 Response | Street Child


COVID-19 Response | Street Child

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, The Texel Foundation have allocated a percentage of this year’s grant fund to 9 charities who face dire, long-term impacts of the virus, the first of which is documented below:

Street Child

Street Child serves the most vulnerable in 14 African and South Asian countries, all of which have cases of COVID-19 and who are implementing restrictive measures.

Since the end of March, Street Child have reached 3.78 million people with preventative information. Their initial focus was on preparation and prevention as well as caring for and where possible, continuing to educate vulnerable children.

  • 904,421 people received information at household and community level.
  • Nearly 3 million people received remote preventative messaging through SMS (in Afghanistan), radio (mainly in Burundi, also Liberia) and access to messaging in Street Child online educational resources (in Nepal).
  • Over 700,000 people received other services which helped them prevent COVID-19, or respond to the indirect impacts, for example: 381,653 people accessed Street Child handwashing stations and over 32,000 people received food, cash or livelihoods support.

The Texel Group offered a matched funding donation which was doubled in just 1 week. They also raised over £5,500 via Jerry’s Friday Jig, the proceeds of which were donated to Street Child and Trussell Trust.

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