The Favela Foundation


The Favela Foundation

The Favela Foundation, Brazil

Rio’s Rocinha favela, situated  on a 1 square kilometre hillside is home to more than 250 thousand people. They have little or no access to clean water or healthcare facilities and social distancing is impossible.  Most people don’t have enough savings to last more than a week.

Rocinha is famous for its bright colours, friendly communities and art but also its troubled reputation of crime, poverty and over population. Thankfully there are many NGO-led projects providing educational stimulus, training facilities and a safe place to engage with energetic communities.

Lack of state intervention to protect these communities has meant that the residents are having to implement their own responses to the crisis. The Favela Foundation is working with community organisers that are buying, collating and distributing care packages, with household basics and enough food, clean water and hygiene supplies to last for three months.  They are also supporting local artists who are making facemasks for residents.

They hope that the provision of care packages will encourage people to stay home, avoiding others while also minimising the harsh financial impacts of not working.