The Bike Project


The Bike Project


Refugees are usually placed in temporary accommodation on the outskirts of town, far from essential services.  They’re unlikely to have access to a car and living on £38 per week meant they couldn’t prepare for self-isolation.

The Bike Project have safely delivered over 300 donated bikes in London and Birmingham, since the end of March.  They also offer an online service to their community, with group activities to reduce social isolation.

“At The Bike Project we know that being unable to afford public transport means that 89% of our beneficiaries are unable to make essential journeys. In the time of Coronavirus, that might include getting food for a refugee child or urgent medicine.  Now, more than ever, a bike offers a lifeline to refugees and asylum seekers, enabling them to access essential services.”

Their ‘Refugee Routes’ challenge allows supporters to cycle the distance of a typical journey taken by refugees, ranging from 51 to 918 miles.  Every £100 raised provides a bike to a refugee, plus cycling safety kit and a lesson with The Bike Project’s instructors.