Supporting Wounded Veterans


Supporting Wounded Veterans

Supporting Wounded Veterans, UK

Supporting Wounded Veterans strive to offer independence to wounded veterans via ground-breaking physical and psychological care.

Every year they provide a carefully selected group of medically discharged military personnel with seven days skiing rehabilitation which enables them to regain their confidence and embark up a new path to fitness and wellbeing.

Once back in the UK, veterans join a mentoring and job-search programme that supports them into re-training and employment.  The ultimate aim is to help veterans re-integrate into society, ensuring long-term stability for themselves and their families.

A long term challenge for many veterans is living with PTSD.  Supporting Wounded Veterans are hoping to get a new study off the ground, focused on supporting veterans with treatment-resistant PTSD.

MDMA psychotherapy treatment in the US is at advanced stage approval trials, with outstanding results – over 60% of those who have previously not responded to other treatments have had positive outcomes and SWV hope to be able to run a study in the UK, in collaboration with London universities.

During lockdown they have continued offering support to veterans via online pain management clinics and mentoring programmes.