Street Child


Street Child

Africa & South Asia

 Street Child serves the most vulnerable in 14 African and South Asian countries, all of which have cases of COVID-19 and are implementing restrictive measures.  These communities are the least prepared for, let alone able to respond to the threats of the virus.

Since the end of March, Street Child have reached 3.78 million people with prevention messaging, provided almost 400,000 people with access to handwashing facilities and over 32,000 people have been reached with food, cash and livelihood support.

Their initial focus was on preparation and prevention as well as caring for and where possible, continuing to educate vulnerable children.

To understand the impact of the COVID-19 on marginalised and vulnerable communities and to inform future response planning to meet their needs, Street Child collaborated with over 50 national partners to survey over 12,000 respondents. 56% of respondents reported hunger and starvation as the first and foremost issue of significant concern.

They are now focused on the next stage of their strategy, delivering essential education to the most marginalised and preventing long-term school drop-out.