St. Giles


St. Giles

St Giles is a charity using real-life past experiences to empower those held back by poverty, exploitation, addiction or mental health problems.

Via their SOS+ programme, they reach young people to raise awareness of the realities of gang involvement, serious youth violence and criminal exploitation. Sessions educate on the harsh realities of gang involvement and impart real tools that young people can use to make informed decisions.

In the youth violence team, most staff have lived-experience of gang involvement, the criminal justice system or exploitation. This combined with professional expertise, provides them with the authenticity and cultural competence to successfully reach and support young people who won’t engage with mainstream services.

The impact of Covid-19 has been significant, with more young people than ever before at risk of criminal exploitation. School provides a lifeline & safe space for many youths. School closures, increased financial pressures on families and increasing levels of criminal exploitation, all exacerbated by the pandemic, mean support is needed more than ever.

Our grant is helping St Giles to inspire young people to think big for themselves and help them build the internal resilience and independence they need to avoid negative lifestyle choices.