Sergelt Ood


Sergelt Ood

In Ulaanbaatar, the coldest capital of the world, an estimated 5,000 people are living on the street

Poverty, unemployment and lack of education cause many social problems such as depression, alcohol abuse and domestic violence. Together with a lack of adequate social assistance, those affected quickly lose hope and many end up living on the streets.

Homeless people suffer from wounds, illnesses and harsh living conditions. To survive the extreme climate, many find sleeping places in porches and manholes where the city’s hot water pipes are located to keep warm during the long, bitter winters.

Sergelt Ood provide support in the form of basic needs (professional first-aid and follow up care, washing facilities, warm meals, vitamins, haircuts, second-hand clothing and shoes), practical help (self-help groups, family mediation and access to health care) and bridge-building (connections to addiction care centres and hospitals).

To rebuild a life back in society as homeless person is incredibly hard and the support needed after alcohol rehabilitation is basically non-existent.  Therefore, Sergelt Ood plan to provide a reintegration programme with certain essential elements: an alcohol-free living community with rental accommodation, work placement through partnering with trusted entrepreneurs and the start-up of small businesses; all of these, along with regular training for personal recovery and growth.