Represent Theatre


Represent Theatre

Drama school training has traditionally been the preserve of the privileged. Texel Foundation wanted to provide an affordable but exceptional alternative, which opens the industry to those for whom it is currently inaccessible. So, in 2019 we set up Represent Theatre, a professional theatre company of people from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

We firmly believe that our theatre company will positively address all four of our core causes. As the lack of socioeconomic diversity in the arts is linked greatly to the state of education, we will welcome school visits to our workshops and rehearsals, promoting the possibility of earning a fair wage in the arts.

Our first season will begin in March 2020, showcasing three very different productions and a great deal of raw talent.

We need to address the socio-economic disparity in the arts industry, whereby work is largely programmed by, for and starring the privileged elite.