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Pratham UK

In India, many girls drop out of school before their secondary exams, which are required to secure jobs and, in some states, a driving licence and bank loan.

The more educated girls become, the fewer children they have and the less likely they are to die in childbirth.  Their children will be better nourished, have better healthcare and are less likely to be trafficked.

Problems occur after elementary school when education is no longer free and distance poses a challenge.  Boys’ education is prioritised over girls’ and once a student has dropped out, it is almost impossible for them to re-enter.

Pratham support young women who have been out of school for at least 2 years.  Their foundation course bridges any gaps and covers a life skills module including critical thinking.

The main course prepares them for board exams of which typically, 70-75% pass.  Once back in the education system, more than half of those that pass, opt to continue further study without significant support.

With our sponsorship, 200 women and girls will restart their education and complete secondary schooling.