The MeeTwo app provides a fully-moderated, anonymous platform for young people to air their concerns and support one another. When schools closed in the UK, posting rates increased by 50% and more than 30% related to COVID-19.

The app now supports 30,000+ users with a team of counsellors, moderators and super-peers. Most significantly, 40% of MeeTwo users are boys, who find it very difficult to ask for help, even though they are three times more likely to die by suicide.

Because young people using the app help each other, the MeeTwo model is a much more economical way to provide support. It costs roughly £25 to support a young person for an entire year. By comparison, it costs £6 to answer a single phone call to a volunteer helpline.

The MeeTwo Mental Help Handbook combines the voices of young people with opinions of experts and a completely holistic directory of ways that young people can help themselves.