Hagar works to restore the lives of women and children who have survived the trauma of human trafficking, slavery and abuse, empowering them with the means to start a whole new life with dignity, literacy and essential skills.

Since 1994 Hagar has supported more than 20,000 women and children on their journeys to healing and empowerment after experiencing human trafficking, slavery and abuse.

40.3mn people are in slavery, 1 in 4 of them are children and 70% are women and girls.  An estimated USD150 billion is generated worldwide from human trafficking and forced labour.  61% of victims are based in the Asia Pacific region.

Hagar helps provide a safe place to live, counselling, case management, legal support, education and an empowering job.

At a systemic level, they elevate the capabilities and awareness of local communities to respond to slavery and abuse. In 2016, they trained 8,645 community members on topics such as domestic abuse and trafficking awareness. They also have training and research partnerships with governments in each of the countries where they work.

Our grant will help fund their operational costs and recovery programmes in Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam and Afghanistan.