Farms For City Children


Farms For City Children

Farms For City Children enables more than 3,000 disadvantaged children each year to see a bigger, brighter future by living and working together for an unforgettable week on a farm.  Their horizons are broadened as they become connected to the countryside, the environment, and the source of the food they eat.

Working alongside the farm staff, the young people are given the opportunity to take on meaningful tasks (caring for animals, tending crops) but also spend time outside connecting with nature (building dens & campfire storytelling).

They plan to fully reopen their 3 farms in September 2021 and will continue to offer day visits to local children and young people until then.

The day visit programme welcomes local schoolchildren and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and other vulnerable young people.

The farm sessions provide a completely different life experience for these children and address a range of different beneficiary needs – gaining confidence, developing life skills, fostering independence, socialising,– to help address the challenges which have been exacerbated during the pandemic.