Doctors for Nepal


Doctors for Nepal

The current wave of Covid is rapidly spreading across Nepal and Doctors For Nepal have received frantic daily pleas for help.

Dr. Kamal (one of the DFN doctors undertaking his internship in Kathmandu) says “Our Health system has collapsed… hospitals cannot take patients because we don’t have any life-saving oxygen… we are helpless”.

An open border policy with India has led to rapidly rising cases of the Delta variant, with Nepal’s poor medical system and chaotic infrastructure poorly placed to cope.

Patients are presenting to hospitals and health-posts by the hundreds, and staff are ill-equipped to do anything other than mutter quiet words of hope. Without international support, many more thousands will die.

Doctors For Nepal launched a fundraising campaign to urgently raise funds to provide oxygen concentrators & generators, pulse oximeters (to measure blood oxygen levels) and further supplies of high quality PPE.

They have a long-term partnership with the NGO PHASE Nepal, who can ensure the procurement and delivery of high quality equipment.

Thankfully, they raised funds to purchase oxygen equipment which has now arrived in all the remote locations they are supporting but much more help is needed.  Our grant this year has gone towards supporting their Covid-relief efforts.