Cambodian Children’s Trust


Cambodian Children’s Trust


Cambodian Children’s Trust serve a large population of Cambodian urban poor who have little or no access to hygiene or sanitation facilities and Covid-19 is having a devastating effect on this already vulnerable population.

CCT have experienced an increased demand for support, especially from families requiring basic needs such as food, rental assistance and hygiene supplies. Many families are out of work due to shut-down across the country.

During lockdown, more than 1,400 families were given instructions on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19, more than 2,000 meals were delivered to children at home and over 200 students were provided with home-schooling packs to ensure their education continued. In situations where a child or family is experiencing symptoms, CCT are offering food drops to homes so the family can remain quarantined.

In July CCT were able to reopen their youth centres to offer vital support to local children including healthcare, hot meals, supplementary education, extra-curricular classes and counselling.

They have also continued to deliver their Village Hive programme, building resilience amongst local communities and offering various support programmes including financial literacy.